Friday, July 15, 2011

Boot Camp Coming Up Quickly

Time is creeping quickly by, and my darling daughter is embracing the shorter days until it's time for boot camp. What is there to love about boot camp? The yelling, being told what to do? Perhaps it's just only the beginning to a new life for her, the learning of how to work well in a team of others and discipline.  Oh, discipline, there's something that she knows about. Her growing up years have been about being frugal, how to save money, but also getting the things that she wants in life even when it's a want, and not especially a need. Boot camp experience will teach her things that she wants to learn. In fact, she's very eager to learn more. She wrote a paper for a school project that she gave to me to read....I teared up just reading how she felt that she had experienced  a great 4-years of high school and that she wanted to make a difference in her life by helping others and that is why she chose to be a hospital corpsman in the Navy. My little lady has grown up so much. I just can't express to you how very proud of her I am. I will be going to see her graduate from boot camp when it's over, and I just know the tears will be flowing. I am a very proud mother.

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