Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Days Are Going By Very Fast

Now that my daughter has turned 18, and graduated high school....next step is the Navy. ... and that will happen in exactly 2 weeks....yes, she will leave for boot camp. I am excited for her, but nervous at the same time. This daughter of mine is my baby. She is going to be a hospital corpsman, which is similar to a Doc, or Medic....and I am extremely proud of her.  We made a check list of the things that she needs to get done before leaving and mostly everything is done now. Her signing up for the Navy has been very up and down for me, as a mother...and the hurry up and wait mode the Navy has doesn't help. I pray that things go smoothly for her, and I am gonna be sitting by the telephone to get her calls. Boy, children really DO grow up fast...don't they?

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