Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Learning how to treat my now adult teen has been a chore for me. I have spent my whole life teaching her things so she will be prepared when she became an adult, and now that she has, I still find myself in the same teaching mode. She tells me "mom, I remember that you taught me that already" so I guess I have done my job. Although I don't feel that a mom's work is ever finished, I know that she is now on her own and will be doing most things on her own. I miss having my darling daughter here with me, especially during her high school years. Living those high school years was so much fun. Aside from the studying for tests and all the homework, things went rather smoothly. My daughter was a joy, and I miss her dearly. I find that now with her gone, I no longer have anyone to discuss things with, or take shopping with me, but I am learning how to be an empty-nester. I still have her horse close by that I go and visit, but I will be so happy when my daughter comes home to visit...and that should be soon...but it won't be a long visit because she will be leaving to her next duty station. Enjoy your teen daughters while they are still at home, because once they leave, there's a big change in your life.

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Coupon Trunk said...

I'm in my 30s and my mom is still in teaching mode. And I'll probably be the same way when my daughter is grown.