Monday, June 10, 2013

Having A Grown-Up Teen

So much time has passed and my baby, yes, she's still my baby, is grown up now. Graduated from high school, and immediately went into the Navy. She's been learning to do her thing and she met a very nice guy and got married. Still a teen, my dear darling daughter got married to a Navy guy. He is her same age and they are great together....and I love him dearly. I have seen how he treats my daughter and I am glad that she chose someone who allows her to be herself, someone who is always looking out for her betterment, and someone who has many of the same views that she does. Oh, this mother is so happy and proud, but now my baby no longer is single. That means that this mom takes a back seat and gets to watch as my children grow through their marriage. I hope that this marriage lasts her for her lifetime and I am pleased with how things are going for them.

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