Monday, August 20, 2012

A Grown Daughter

My darling teen, still a teenager, but now is 19 yrs. old.  She graduated high school last school session and here we are about to start another new school year and this is very different for me! No buying paper, pencils and all those things to start back to clothes or shoes and my life feels quite different. I see families all around me at the stores buying supplies and I miss those days.
 Within this year, my baby girl has graduated, gone off to the Navy, gotten married to a Navy boy...and  she is VERY happy and I am happy for her, but she lives far away now and I miss having her here.
We still have our horse and I hear  from her often but am counting my blessings from God that He gave me such a wonderful daughter to raise.
  Are you close with your daughter? I was close with mine, but always stayed the "mother" and not a best friend.  I found that  it worked best that way for us.  Mothers and daughters can share a close also helps when they move away and find a new life of their own.

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