Sunday, February 25, 2007

Learning how to take care of your things

I am amazed at all the new gadgets and things out there these days for us parents to buy. The computer, laptop, i-pod and cell phones and such. When I was a teenager, I had all the clothes that I wanted, but never did I ask for anything with designer names. We went to the mall yesterday, and while I understand the need for jeans that fit, such as slim sized and length size, that's alright with me, but nowadays, asking for shoes from those special places in the mall, that is something that I never got to do. My older kids did the same, and it drove me nuts. Now, yesterday was the first time that I was asked by my youngest to buy a pair of name brand shoes. I pray that these last, especially with the cost I had to pay, and to have to buy the spray that goes with it to keep it clean.
Here is something that I want you to learn dear daughter.

1. Be Thankful. Always be thankful for the things that you have, for there are more unfortunate kids out there going without. Actually you are very lucky to get some really nice things.2
2. Don't leave your things hanging about here and there. Take the time to pick back up those clothes and put them where they belong if you decide you don't want to wear it after getting it out. Who wants to wash clothes that were already clean but just left on the floor?

3. Washclothing with care. Now some of you get to have your clothes washed for you, but in our personal case, my daughter washes her own clothes, not only so she can help out with chores, but to learn how to take care of her own clothing. Wash things that are delicate, carefully.
Wash new things carefully. Don't let those clothes stay wrinkled in the dryer. Get them hung up quickly so you don't have to get out that dreaded iron.
4. Electronics are a blessing. Laptops, computers, that new i-pod you got for Christmas, and that new cell phone you got a few weeks ago are not to be taken for granted. Remember that these items can break easily if you don't handle with care. Take a few extra moments after you are done using them to make sure that you have closed them down properly or stored them where they belong so that they don't get stepped on and broken.

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