Monday, April 16, 2007

Summer's coming soon

With summer fastly approaching, I am sitting here with the thought of how I love summer and not having to deal with school buses, school zones, lunches, homework and before school tutorials. But then you ask "how will we fill our summer days?" Most people I know have to still go to work, whether their teens are home for the summer or not. What can they do to keep their teen busy for the summer? Oh, I don't even want to think about my dear daughter sleeping her whole day away and staying up all hours of the night. What's a mother to do? Well, I am very fortunate to only be working part time, so I will be able to have some time at home with her, but what about all those days at home and her telling me "I'M BORED !!!!". Oh how I don't like to hear those words. Now's the time to start trying to plan out what they can be doing to stay busy. If your'e the kind of parent that doesn't mind them sleeping all day, that is ok. But if your'e not, why not look into some volunteer work for them, if they are old enough. My daughter is very much into horse and riding so this summer, she will be volunteering at the stables where she trains. She will also spend some time at the horse rescue to help with the feeding and cleaning of stalls....OOOH you are probably thinking about all the work this can be, but actually she has done this before and really enjoys it. There are all kinds of volunteering that can be done. The YMCA, hospitals, churches and other various locations are some that may need an extra hand. Perhaps this is something they might like to kind of take the bordem out of their day.

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