Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh the joys of Summer School

I worked hard yesterday, and I had to go out and buy my hubby a birthday present before I came home so I was really tired. We went to see a horse trainer teach a lesson so my daughter could see how she taught. That all went well, and when we came home, the mail had just come in. During that time, I was glued to American Idol on tv and started reading some mail that came in from the school for us for my daughter. SUMMER SCHOOL?? oh no !!!!! I knew that her math skills were weak. She excels in most of her classes. She only struggles through math. I had been taking her to morning tutorial classes and STILL she is having a hard time. The letter said that she was in danger of failing math for the year and would possibly have to take summer school... listen, I want the best for my daughter, but summer school where I am living at is NOT free. And of course, there is no choice. It has to be done. I love my child and want her to do her best, so of course, that will be what we are going to be doing for part of the summer. She will be going to high school next year. I told her that high school is much harder than intermediate and they are trying to prepare students for college. So, she will be in summer school this summer as well as doing some volunteering at the horse rescue center. She is going to have a busy summer indeed.

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Kendra said...

Oh, the joys of summer school. Although I never had to take summer school to catch up on grades or homework, I did take a couple classes and lessons. It seemed much easier to concentrate when it was the only acedemic activity happening at the time.

Even if your daughter will be busy this summer, I tend to think that staying busy keeps teens out of trouble.