Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sunscreen is a MUST !!!

Now with band marching done until August, there are plenty of outdoor activities offered. Since my daughter will be volunteering at a horse rescue and at her trainer's stables, there will be plenty of outdoor stuff going on there as well. Not to mention, my daughter loves to swim and can swim like a fish, I worry about the dangers of too much sun. Now, you might not think that when it's cloudy, you have to still worry about the sun's rays and effects, but really, you do. Dear daughter, wearing a good sunscreen with a high blocking is very important. Not only going swimming at the local pool will you be in direct sun, but when you are in the car on your way to the pool, or going to the mall, to the horse stables, there will be that dreaded sun and it's VERY important to take care of your skin. In my day, most teenagers loved laying in the sun, and I did it a little, but not much...and I guess it's because the sunbathing just wasn't my thing. But getting burned and too much sun now in life definetly affects how your skin will be when you are older. It DOES determine early wrinkles, and can cause skin cancer as well. Right now is the time to really be aware of this and take preventative measures to protect your skin. After all, You are So worth taking care of yourself.

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Jessica said...

I think it's awful that the kids nowadays spend hours and hours sunbathing. And they sad part is they know about all the risks but don't care. It's awful! My great aunt used to do that when she was younger and now she's full of age spots. I don't know if the sun was the cause of those ugly dark spots but I have this feeling they are. Thankfully I was never into tanning (since I burn easily) so I never spent much time in the sun when I was younger. When I go out, I put on sunscreen to protect myself (and my son). Great Post!