Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Creating Mother/Daughter Memories

Yes, we are in July. I know it's early.... however, it's now time to start thinking about Christmas projects. Have you thought about what you are going to get for everyone? Are you someone that has alot of family to buy for, but not alot of money? Believe me, I am. Not only do I have 4 grown children, 1 young teen at home, a hubby, but I also have 4 grandkids, and my grown children have their spouses as well. I thought that I would give some suggestions here. How about making up a family cookbook for some of the new daughters-in-laws? This is something that you can do with your daughter, providing she is old enough to get on the internet and search for new recipes to add to yours. She can help you print some of these out, and you and her together can go and have these laminated and put into a notebook or binder. Or in our case, we are going to sit down together and go through some old pictures and some new ones, and put them together in a 3 ring binder and make a scrapbook for my mother. My mother already has everything she needs and it's hard to find just the right thing. This is also something you can do with your daughter or even your son. This is time spent together that will good memories and alot of fun doing together.

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