Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tears of Joy

I really don't like repeating what I have said earlier about fathers and daughters and how important I think it is to have that time together, if that's possible. It has been several months now since my daughter has seen her father. He just doesn't bother to come over, or call. However, he will tell her on occasion that he will pick her up for sunday lunch and doesn't show up, nor does he call. My son, on the other hand, will cut yards with him on sundays and he did so this past sunday. He brought him back home and before our daughter had even the slightest chance to find out her dad was here, HE LEFT !!!! Oh, I was so upset that he did that. And then he called last night on our daughter's cell phone, but not to talk to her, but to my son. Oh, that hurt her feelings so bad and she told me about it on the way to the barn this morning. As much as I hate getting into things with this man, I decided to call him up and I found out that he was extremely close by, actually right there on our way to the barn. He was working and so we pulled off the main road so my daughter could see him. She saw her daddy, and my poor child had nothing but tears coming out of her. She cried and cried. She hugged him and they were facing to where his face was facing me. He had to calm her down from her crying and he was quite stunned at how much she had grown in just a few months. Our little girl is growing up into a beautiful young lady. He has promised to come get her on sunday. I told him that ANY DAY would be fine to get her, if even for a short while.. but, he doesn't have time. He likes to work and said he promised to get her on sunday. I pray that he does. As she got back into the car, we were on our way again, over to the stables. I was hurt by the fact that he doesn't take enough time to spend any time with her. As I left her there for her day of volunteering, I knew in my heart that I had done my best to try and make things right for her. I went to work, and before I came home, I called her to see how she was. She was so happy. I told her that I was concerned about how she was and she said she cried tears, but they were of joy. Now I truely know that by stopping to see him for her was the best thing. I now have peace that my daughter is feeling much better. What a relief.

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