Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Shopping for School Clothes

With school starting up again at the end of next month, I am starting to think about school clothing. Does your daughter require designer jeans? Some do. My older children were into the more expensive jeans for high school, but my youngest one just doesn't care about it. She would rather find a brand that fits, especially due to her figure being so tall and thin. Where do you go to shop for bargains? In my experience, I have found that Khols Dept store to always have something on the sales rack. They often have really great sales as well. My second choice is Ross. They have alot of things that are really marked down and really good prices. My last choice here is JCPenney. They are a little more pricier, but they often have great sales going on, especially in the jeans dept. We are going to start our school shopping soon, so wish us good luck... .happy shopping !!!!! Now this is a really great time to spend some mother-daughter or father/daughter time.

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