Friday, July 27, 2007

Horses, dogs, responsibilities

Aw, aren't horses beautiful? They surely are. Most families get dogs and cats for pets, but in our household, we have chihuahuas. For the past many years, and I do mean MANY, my youngest daughter has wanted a horse. Now, living in the city, it's very difficult keeping one in your backyard. There's simply no room for one, and of course, our neighbors would complain. But what do you do about a situation in which your daughter wants to persue something that can be very costly? We all know that dogs can be costly.... especially if you get a particular breed. However, horses are double and triple that. And not only do you have to worry about the cost of buying the horse, but the living arrangements and such but the most costly of all, is the upkeep of the horse. This is the direction that we are heading in with my dear darling young teen. To be sure that this was NOT a passing faze, many years ago, we went into a 4-H program where she could learn about horses. We also went to a non-profit place that offered lessons on care of horses and did that as well. My daughter not only learned about horses and riding, but had a very nice lady who gave her that first start with teaching not only riding, but cleaning out stalls and the daily care of horses. That did NOT deter my daughter's want. For a brief while, we were in transition of moving and she was without horses in her life. Now we are back to it again, and have found a wonderful trainer in English riding and my daughter is now in "horse heaven" with all the training and volunteering that she is doing. I believe that when young people go through the WANT of something, you need to test this and not go out and buy on a quick impulse because sometimes the want passes quickly. Such is an example of a child wanting a dog and promises to take care of it no matter what, and then once the new is worn off, the parents end up taking care of the dog. Of course, that dog grows on you and you end up happy that you got it in the first place. But if you are looking at something as costly as a horse, please take the time to educate your child on the ins and outs, the daily care and what all it takes to take care of such a wonderful animal.

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Tammy Duplessie said...

I think it is wonderful your daughter has found something that not only she is passionate about, but committed to.