Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One more Day of Summer Freedom

Today is my darling daughter's last day of freedom. Starting tomorrow, she will start band camp, and it will continue until the day school starts. Band camp is the same hours of school so from here on out, all horse activities and swimming, tv watching and other things will be conducted after camp. Today will be a few hours at the stables and then off to Academy for some last minute shorts to wear during band camp and to purchase a new pair of riding boots. We are trying to purchase a horse and were waiting for a pending coggins negative test to arrive yesterday but it didn't come in yet, so we are anxiously awaiting. Purchasing this horse will mean much more responsibility. We will be driving to the stables alot more often and spending much more time there. Gone are the days of resting and relaxing and putting your feet up after work, for me, it will be driving my car here and there, especially with camp. But that's ok, because I know where my teen will be and she will be busy and I won't ever hear that she's BORED!!!! yippeeeee !!!!!!!!

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