Sunday, July 15, 2007

Teens and Myspace

Yes, there's that dreaded thing called "myspace". I have heard so much controversy about it, and yet it's more popular than ever. Does my dear daughter have one? Yes, you guessed it. However, it is really possible to have one and NOT have any problems. My daughter has made up a really nice profile, and in order for me to kind of keep a handle on things, I have one too. But all of my grown kids(4) have them too.. so, I have all of my 5 kids on my-myspace. It's much easier to keep track of who is on their friends list. It is better to monitor who's saying what. I believe that teens need to have a place to talk to their friends, as long as they aren't getting into any trouble. Now, I am not talking about spying on them or anything, just keeping a watchful eye on things.



i knwo ur only trying to protect ur kids but hun u need to let them be. if they are old enough to have a myspace account then theyre old enough to be able to nadle that stuff on there own. i know that u dont wan them gettin hurt and what not but you need to give them some privacy and some space cuz only bad things happen when u keep ur kid in bubbles

Debbie said...

oh definetly, I give her some privacy. I do not snoop on everything she does, I only keep an eye out to make sure everythings going along ok.

fear.of.landing said...

My daughter is a bit young (13) but has a myspace because her friends and her older siblings and I have one. I let her have one even though she is under the approved age with the restriction that her profile had to be hidden and available to friends only. Also, at this point, I know her password and she knows that if she changes it we will delete her account, and I am on her friends list. I don't ever sign in, but I do check on her page from time to time. She has a great time creating her page and posting songs and videos. It is a wonderful creative outlet and I believe that she is practicing making good choices regarding online activities. Occasionally she will put up something and we will discuss if it is really appropriate for a girl her age it is a great learning tool when the correct balance of parental supervion is used.