Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Band and all the things that go along with it

Today is Tues, and my darling daughter is feeling somewhat better. Life carries on. Band camp is still going strong. Band is not a cheap hobby either, as today they are required to pay nearly $100. for different types of shoes and shirts and cleaning fees, white gloves and all. Her father was supposed to help me with half of it, but he failed to come through AGAIN. I am not happy about it, but really can't do anything about it. Child support does NOT pay for everything. It only helps with some of the costs. Teens clothing prices are getting up in price and of course, it's time for school and the added need of pencils, papers and such are needed as well. I will add here though, that her being in band has been such a blessing. It keeps her busy. She has formed alot of friends through the band and she loves everything about it. It has been a very wise decision to let her participate in band these past several years. Activities are great for teens, even if it's not band...there are many other things for them to get involved in, and being busy with sports or other activities gives them less time to get into bad things. Just my opinion.

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