Sunday, August 5, 2007

Weekend and My Daughter is Sick

Well, the weekend is here..and it's been raining, and since my darling daughter is in band camp every day, there has been no time to go out to the stables nor let her ride. We have been searching for her a horse, but have come upon a brick wall at this time. I just know that when the right horse comes along, I will know it. This weekend she has been sick with a bad ear infection. I was soooooooo lucky that when I called the clinic, I got an answering service that told me that she could have a nurse call. That was wonderful, because after I talked to the nurse and answered about 50 questions, a Dr. called and we talked and he was able to prescribe a medicine to help her ear infection. Being sick is no fun and this weekend is a very laid back weekend full of rest.

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