Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Looks Can Be Deceiving

During the summer, more people are wandering around outside. Now, you can't tell what kind of person they are just by looking at them. Youngsters can be very friendly. My darling daughter is a very friendly teen. She thinks that saying hi to everyone is alright. Yes, it's ok to be nice to people. But how do you know how friendly you can be? It's very hard in our times today. Just because a person looks nice doesn't always mean so. A stranger is a stranger. They don't always have to be weary of men.. it can also come in the form of a woman as well. Teach your children to be aware of strangers no matter if that would be man or woman. The reason I say this is because one evening, I had a very strange happening. Here is what happened one day to me very recently.
We live in a neighborhood that ends up to a dead end. We know nearly everyone on our street and the next street up. My hubby and his families before him have been in this particular area since his great grandfolks. We feel pretty secure here, however, things can happen here. I had been sick in bed and that particular day, I decided to lay on the couch and watch some tv. Of course, I like the big door open so I can look through the storm door and see outside. It became later in the day, and I had a very strange visitor indeed. A lady, perhaps in her 30's came up to my door, and a younger man perhaps in his early 20's came with her. Now, I have dog who love to bark, so I barely opened the door to see what she needed. As soon as I did this, the lady started DANCING and SINGING to the song "Devil with the Blue Dress on". I was shocked and stunned beyond belief that here was this lady, carrying on ON my front porch. I said to her"maam, can I help you with something?" and she looks at me and tells me that I need to have a smile on my face. I explained to her that I had been sick and I really wasn't supposed to be up and outside. She immediately turned around just like an about face. She walked off without saying anything else. She walked around the corner and then walked off. I never found out what she was doing. It was scary for me because I didn't know what to think. She looked like a nice person, but you never know what is going to happen. I told my teen to make sure that all doors are locked when she is home alone. She also knows NOT to answer the door to anyone while I am away. This would have been a scary situation IF she had answered the door. Luckily, she was not at home and I now wish that I had not gotten up to answer, however, I was caught off guard on this one. Be make sure your youngsters are prepared for all kinds of happenings in this day and age. This was really a wierd happening for me.

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