Thursday, August 2, 2007

Those "butterflies in the tummy" feeling

The first day of band camp went really well for my darling daughter. She made more friends and has developed a new friendship with a girl that has alot of the same interests that she has. Both are in the band, both love riding horses. Wow, that is great. I had the chance to walk inside the band hall with her yesterday and there were floods of teens in there, and talked to the head band guy. I came across one of my hubby's nieces that was also in the band, an upper classman and she was there to help as well. I was so relieved that my daughter's first day was great. It's so important to try and calm their fears of the unknown. I remember those days since my family moved around alot. I remember the "butterflies in the stomach" feeling. Today is going to be another great day and I am so glad. Now I can go to work this morning feeling much better.

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