Monday, September 24, 2007

How Do You Deal With a Pet's Death?

How do you help your teen get through something tragic in life? Life has so many ups and downs but when something bad happens, do you hover over your teen, or do you leave them alone to deal with it in peace? I believe that there has to be a middle ground here somewhere.
We went to the barn on Saturday to see our horse. Our horse was fine, and all the other horses in the barn were doing good. We got a call on Sunday morning that the lesson horse, (who belonged to our trainer) was ill. He had gotten colic, which is pretty much a stomach ache, and it made him extremely ill. To shorten this story, he did not make it. My daughter loved him so much, as he was the horse she rode over the summer and learned many things on. She had developed a love for this horse. He was now gone and the tears came out very quickly. I felt so lost as I was upset about it as well. How do you deal with a "pet's" death? I chose to talk to her a little bit about it, and we both cried and hugged, but then I let her have some alone time. How do you help your daughter, or teen through a "pet's death"? This is a hard subject, I know, but we all have to go through it at one time or another, unless you have no pets, of course. I got up this morning and she was doing alright, but I know that it's on her mind today as she goes to school and sits in her classes. A Pet's death can be very hard on young people. I don't know what she would be like it if had been HER horse, but nonetheless, it was pretty tragic weekend for us.

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