Monday, September 24, 2007

Upcoming Christmas Shopping

You know, here it is, almost October......fastly approaching Christmas. I have already started seeing Christmas items being displayed and I tell you, I am not ready for the holiday season just yet. However, I will tell you, that I am an avid fan of doing the black friday shopping. My grown daughter and I ALWAYS, without fail, go out in the afternoon after our Thanksgiving Dinner is done, and we search for the papers that have those ads. We sit for HOURS searching through them. They are wonderful... and to tell you the truth, we have saved so much money by shopping on this particular day. However, I have discovered that there is another way to be able to get those great bargains....and believe me, teens have a mighty good list each year of things they would like to have. One great and wonderful store on MY teens list this year will most definitely be something from Best Buy. Here is the link for them on the black friday listing. Now, they always have a great sale on this special buying day. Not only that, but now I won't have to get up at 4:00 am and get dressed and drive to the store and stand in that horribly long line, I can now go to black friday and see all the great sales coming up and I can shop all day and still get the great bargains. I will for sure be shopping from this site on black friday. What a wonderful way to save my feet for one, more sleep for another, and the biggest prize of all, is saving MONEY !!!!!

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