Monday, January 21, 2008

Oh, Boys !!!

Even though my daughter doesn't have a special guy right now (thank goodness), she has had a small taste of having a special guy. She is going to stand up in her best friend's quinceanera next weekend. She was going to have that special guy stand in with her, and he even went to some practices with her, and then he decided that he was just way too busy, not only for the dance practice, but for my daughter. Good riddence I said. However, that left her without a dance partner so they found her someone. She doesn't know him but they are only going to dance together. This concludes my thoughts on my own daughter's quinceanera which will be coming up in August: No boyfriends. That's right. The girls in her dance party will have to dance with either a good friend, or someone that my daughter picks. As far as her escort goes, she also is going to be picking a good friend. I told her that it's better to pick someone she knows that she can rely on, instead of picking a so-called boyfriend who may back out at the last minute. I know that's going to make the planning go a little smoother now !

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