Friday, February 29, 2008

Quick Look at Quinceanera Prices So Far

Here's what I am looking at so far, in the way of expenses:
1. Reception Hall-- $500, which includes the clean up.
2. DJ/Band-- $800
3. Dress-- $ 338.00
4. Security for the event-- $200
5. Tiara-- $34.00 plus tax
6. high heels-- $20.00
7. video taping of the event-- $0 because my sister in law has offered to do this
8. cake-- still working on this
9. pictures-- still looking over various offers that have been made but possibly around $250
10. invitations-- I will be making those so it won't cost too much.

Her various gifts such as the Bible, watch, necklace, ring, doll, and bracelet have already been chosen by some of our closest family member for her, so I have no idea on those things at all.
More to come, as I venture on her journey for her quinceanera.

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