Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Quinceanera Tabletop Decorations--Also A Tackle Project

Finding decorations for your daughter's quinceanera can really be a chore. First, you must start with the colors of her dress and work with that. You must also be able to work in the "theme" of her party. We have chosen "Hearts for a Sweetheart" as our theme, however, her dress is royal blue. They don't make blue hearts but her damas dresses are baby pink so that works perfectly for the heart part of it. I went out and purchased ivy bowls for the table top decoration and will be decorating them with royal blue stones which will surround a pink candle on the inside and a bow and small flowers around the outside rim. I have heard about many people putting goldfish in the bowls but I figured this would be quite messy, having them filled with water. Anyways, I will also be adding heart-shaped boxes which will be filled with some mints, a small purse that will hold candies and I have picked up some heart frames for pictures. I have yet to put them together, but will soon. Anybody have any other suggestions for the table decorations?

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