Monday, July 14, 2008

Limo Service For A Quinceanera?

As easy as it might sound, to search for a limo service for your daughter's quinceanera, it truly was not an easy task for me. I have found that there are so many companies out there, all racing for the buck these days. Many companies were competitive, but most of them were very high in price. As you will find out, most companies are very reasonable during the week days, but quinceaneras are on Saturdays, most of the time and that means a 4 or 5 hour minimum, and some companies even wanted a 6 hour minimum. I just could not afford a 5 or 6 hour minimum. What would the teens be doing in a limo for 6 hours? I just didn't want to even think about it. I searched around really good and was able to find a smaller company, with several vehicles and owned and operated by the same man and finally settled on him. He was willing to let me have the limo for less than the 5 hour min. and after much checking into several different companies, I settled on his services. He sent the contract to me through fax, what we had agreed upon was correct and I am really looking forward to giving my daughter a limo ride for the first time to her quinceanera. Beware of the companies that give you a price for something and then when you call them back, the price has changed. Always ask what type of vehicle you are getting a price for and how many people it holds.