Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Teens And Pregnancy

It used to be in my day, if you got pregnant while in high school, you just did not go to school and they sent someone to your home to school you during that time. It was something that you actually didn't want others to see you, being pregnant before high school was finished.....however, times have changed so much. I pick up my daughter every day from school and I cannot tell you how many young girls I see that are pregnant. They seem to carry it around like it's nothing. But it's not nothing. They are so young and although having babies are a blessing, our babies having babies is something that should not be happening. They struggle so much with education issues, a father for the child, work to support their child and it's just so many issues to deal with that I ask this question..... should they have a choice at having birth control or do you think that just gives them the right to have sex at their age?

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Barbara said...

I enjoyed reading your blogs! Well I think it's so important that once our teens get in relationships that they have birth control. None of us want our kids to be sexually active however once it happens they need to be safe. Great post! Barb