Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Teens and Helping Out At Home

Spreading out our helping hands to others is what I am trying to instill in my daughter, to help someone that might be struggling with something, like homework, or helping out when she sees that someone is in need. Last week, I had my 6 month old grandson, and boy! she really did help me out with him. We went to the grocery store and it was a real task just trying to get that car seat in and out of the back seat of my car. It took both of us to actually get it out to put into our cart so we could go inside.
My daughter has been really helpful around the house as well, vaccumming without asking if I want it done, taking out the trash when she sees it's full and just odds and ends that really do make a difference around here. I praise her for those good deeds and let her know that helping out is very good. Does your teen help you out with chores at home? I feel that when they help out, especially without having to ask deserves little extra treats and I will sometimes allow her more time when she goes out somewhere, buy her a random piece of clothing or get her a gift card to different places. What types of chores do your teens do to help you out?

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