Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dealing With The Passing Of A Beloved Pet

Yesterday afternoon, my precious chihuahua, Prissy passed away. She had gotten pnuemonia, and for a little while, we thought she was better......but she took a turn for the worst. We had to go and get her so we could transfer her from the pet hospital to the emergency vet hospital so she could be monitored overnight, but she passed away before we ever got to take her. She was a little dainty, 4 pound chi that was the light of the family. My teen went with us so she was there when Prissy passed.....she took it just as hard as I did. We both cried as hard as ever, left there empty handed and heavy hearted. How do you console your teen when it's so hard to deal with it yourself? After all, I AM the mother here, but I have to tell you, it was very difficult. I dealt with it the best that I could....came home and took a long hot bath, and once she saw that I was much calmer, she finally went and took her a bath as well. We both cried and hugged at the loss of our dear pet. I didn't sleep at all last night, but she said that she did, so I think that we will both grieve for a little while, but we both talked about it, and we know that we did EVERYTHING in our power for Prissy, and that was a little comfort. How do you deal with the loss of a beloved pet? And how do you help your teen through it?

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