Monday, May 10, 2010

Trusting Your Teenaged Daughter

Trusting your teen some be challenging at times. I allow my daughter to have a few places that I call "free" to go to, and then everything else has to be approved. So, when she's driving, she can go to school, work, the barn and any food place on the way or back from those 3 places to get something to eat or drink. So far, so good... I have been able to keep my trust in her because she always calls or texts me if she wants permission to go anywhere else. Now, my teen isn't perfect by any means but she is developing good habits of keeping in touch with me and I am happy about it. This morning I noticed, when she asked me to transfer money on her card to pay for her gas, she had spent a whopping 24.00 and change to eat at Ihop. I knew that she had her boyfriend with her, but I still wonder how 2 very small people can eat so much! But I have chosen not to worry about it because it's her money.....but since I am old fashioned, I would have much rather that the boyfriend pay for it, or at least part of it. I am happy that I am able to trust my you have a good relationship with your teen? Do you trust them?

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