Thursday, July 8, 2010

Keeping The Lines Of Communication Open

How do you go about keeping your teen out of trouble? Sometimes it just seems that some girls are easier to raise than others. I have had 3 daughters and the first one was a little harder to raise than the second. My youngest daughter, my sweet teen, is just very easy going and seems to listen to what I have to say. Since she was young, we have always had a great relationship. Now that she is almost 17, it seems that she is getting more independent and wanting to do more for herself. I have found that keeping her interested in some sort of sport, but not keeping her TOO busy has worked for me. I have found that by her having time to have fun, chores to keep up with, her horse riding and competing, with a bit of relaxing time to do nothing has worked! This has lead to her having a part-time job so that she can learn to manage her own money and things are still going smoothly. Horses are her life, her future and she has learned all the basics of keeping her horse, as well as the clean up, so she's learned how to have some sort of responsibility. Not everybody can manage a horse though but there are so many sport opportunities out there to enjoy. Talk to your teen, see what interests that they may open to what they say, and try to keep your avenues of communication open....that's what has worked for me.

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