Saturday, October 2, 2010

Homecoming Came And Went

My daughter was sooooo  involved in the homecoming game and activities this year and I was suprized. Not only did she decorate a shirt up to wear, she made her own homecoming mum. Now, I checked prices and found that these mums can cost a fortune....our local grocery store had some for $70. and I was shocked. She made hers for only $20, buying materials from Michael's.  Game day came, she wore her mum during school and then afterwards, went to some friends house to paint up the faces and arms in the school! and she even painted her face as well. I was shocked. This doesn't seem like my darling teen. She has gotten more out-going these days. She's loving her new job working for a Veterinarian, and things are good. Pretty soon though, she will have to take her S.A.T. test for college.  Hopefully, that goes well.

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