Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Daughter Lied To Me.....

What on earth was my daughter thinking? She wanted to see an OLD friend that she had not seen in 8 years. Nobody ever stays the same. I was worried, tried my best to discourage it but she came home from school yesterday, went to the barn, came home to eat and said that she was going back to the barn, only that didn't happen. I have always trusted her, she has never ever given me reason not to. She didn't come home at 8 last night and wouldn't answer her phone. I called the barn, no daughter. Where was she? I had had a bad, sunken feeling when she left but never thought she would actually lie to my face, but she did. Thank GOD that our cell phone has a tracking family on it, so I used it, and sure enough, she was NOT at the barn, but at that old friend's house, who by the way, was a guy.  She had just barely found him again online through social networking. I panicked as I went over that way, but much to my suprize, she came STRAIGHT home once the cell company notified her of tracking. She was upset, and so was I . I couldn't believe that she would ever lie to me, and I am deeply hurt. I don't feel that I can take away her phone because then I wouldn't be able to know where she goes. How do you punish a daughter that has ALWAYS been good, never any trouble? I think that she is trying to insert her independance all of a sudden and I am saddened that it had to be this way.
She promises never to do it again, I guess I will have to keep an eye out for that. I love her and don't want anything to happen to her, WHY can't she see that?

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