Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Finding Scrubs For A Great Job

For a very long time, my darling daughter wanted to be a veterinarian. and she wanted it for a very long, when she was old enough, I asked her to get a job working around vets to see if it was still something that she was wanting to do in life...and she did. She got a job as  a pet nurse assistant. .The  job was a great job, but it  required  her to wear a uniform. We had to rush out and buy it right away.  We had a hard time finding the right size and color that they required.  I wished I would have known about a place that I found recently online., which,  also carry scrubs for men.
 She found that she really enjoyed having to dress for her job, but after working there for a great while, decided that she wanted to do other things in her life. It's good to know that when she gets out of the Navy, and decides to have a civilian career doing something with health, she can find her the right scrubs through this site.

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