Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Teens And Credit Cards, Protection From Identity Theft

Teens need to learn before they enter the adult world about credit, but not just getting credit...but about understanding how it works. Having credit can be fun, but they must also learn about keeping that credit in good-standing. How do you help them once they've left home, like going away to college for instance? I have found a website called  Identityhawk which offers help for those with credit and identity theft protection.
There are people out there, who like to take advantage of ones who don't know about credit. This is when you need  some sort of  identity theft protection. Not only having new credit and learning about how to keep it paid on time, but to protect themselves from fraud and taking steps to reduce the risks of leaving your identity where it's not protected. My darling daughter will not be going to college, as stated in previous posts, but will be going into the service. She will have to learn how to manage her own credit. I want her to be able to have credit, and build it to the point that she will be able to buy herself a car, or in the future, a home and know that her credit rating is good. Protection from identity theft is a very good thing to help your teens learn as they grow into adulthood.

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