Sunday, May 22, 2011

High School's Coming To An End Soon

With only a few short weeks of high school left, my darling daughter has been under a little bit of stress...not only does she have to worry about every book being turned in, all fees paid up and making sure all her homework is turned in on time, but now she has to think about what she's going to wear under her cap and gown for graduation.  They are being pretty specific on what can and can't be worn. She also has several days of  exams  to complete which will go toward her final grades.
We ordered her yearbook, but the darned thing won't even come in until August, but school will no longer be in session so I think it's going to be next to impossible for her to get autographs from her school buddies, especially when everyone seems to be going their separate ways to different colleges and such.
I understand the frustrations going on and she will have her last day at the vet's office this week, so perhaps she will feel a little more at ease.
Summer's coming up quickly....she has a summer job as a lifeguard, and soon..........THE NAVY !!!

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