Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My darling teen is an adult now, and although she's still technically a teenager, she is a full grown woman. I feel as though things went extremely well during her growing up and teenaged years.  I did not have the troubles like I did with my older daughters going through their teens, and this just proves how all children grow up differently.  My oldest daughter gave me FITS to be tied and I never thought that her and I, even after all the trials and tribulations of her teenaged years, that we would REALLY get along so well right now, but we do and I am soooo glad.  With my middle daughter, she was hard to raise during her teen years, but nothing as hard as the first.  However, my youngest, my baby, she was such a darling through her teen years.  Yes, she DID have  her PMS- kind of moments but I never had much trouble at all....she was the easiest one of all of them......but now, that my daughter is out and on her own, she is developing her own uniqueness a bout herself.  My darling daughter KNEW that I didn't want her to have any tattoos  until she turned 18, and she respected that.....what has she done now? Not only one tattoo, but several...although small and not really visible, but still there.  I suppose this was her way of getting her wings spread out and becoming the person that she wanted to be. I sometimes wonder if she has done all of this just to prove her point. So be it, I have acknowledged the fact that she's grown. As a mother, I have found that even after our teens have grown up, we must still be there to help them through some of the grown up stuff. Taking time to explain things to our teens is very important. I think it gives our daughters things to think about so they can make their own decisions once they've gotten out on their own. I am a very proud mother, but I really miss those being at home, teenaged years.

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