Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Birthday My Darling Teen

Today is my daughter's 17th birthday, and I feel like time is racing by quickly. Not only do I feel old, but since she is my last of 5, this only reminds me that next year at this time, she will be an adult, ready to do adult things. I hope and pray that I have been able to teach her all that she needs to know to be able to survive as an adult.... she knows how to cook, wash her own laundry, clean, work and be responsible, and take care of her money. This sounds like alot to know for a teen, but she is learning things now so that when she gets out on her own, she will know how to get by with some of the most important things in life. She only has one more week of freedom left before her senior year of high school starts.
Today she has shown me that she is more grown up than I think she is, and soon, I will have to be able to cut the apron strings, but honestly, I don't think that parents EVER cut the string completely. They let their children spread their wings in life, but we are always there to help them when they need us most. Happy Birthday my darling daughter ! I am so proud of you!


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